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Virtual House Hunting in Reston

Virtual House Hunting in Reston

Your search for a new home in Reston begins and ends at your computer keyboard.

Although the pandemic shut things down starting back in March, the real estate market is still going strong, largely due to its ability to adapt to constantly changing circumstances.

A virtual house hunt is less limited than you’d think, and if you have to cozy up on the couch and browse listings from the comfort of your current home, who are we to stop you?

Online Options for House Hunting

There are a number of ways to search for homes online. As before, you can still peruse photos of homes that are on the market. Now you will also find more options for pre-recorded video tours and interactive video tours.

For an almost in-person experience, request a virtual showing where your realtor will walk you through the property on Facetime, Zoom, or some other video conferencing app. When you find a place you really love, there are still options for scheduling an appointment for an in-person showing.

Tips and Tricks for Your Online Hunt

Know What You Want

Your search for a new home in Reston should begin as usual by having a conversation with your realtor. You’ll need to explain what you are looking for, being as specific as possible. Are there certain neighborhoods in Reston you are partial to? How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your new property need to have. Do you want a garage? Fenced in backyard? Fireplace? The details of exactly what you want will help your realtor narrow down your search to find the perfect Reston home for you!

Check out neighborhoods You Like

Once you find a home online that looks good to you, check out the neighborhood. There is nothing stopping you from taking a ride through the neighborhood to check out its location and proximity to schools, grocery stores, public transportation and more.

Make an appointment for an in-person tour

Wear a mask, maintain social distancing and avoid touching surfaces inside the home. When you leave, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to be on the safe side.

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