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Rewarding DIY Projects to Keep You Occupied During the Pandemic in Reston

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are spending a lot more time at home. Take advantage of this opportunity to tackle upgrades, renovations, and other projects that will make your home a more inviting and enjoyable place. Whether you decide to take on repairs you’ve been putting off for ages or come up with creative ideas to enhance your space, there are plenty of productive ways to fill your time! Here are some easy DIY projects to consider.

Easy Upgrades and Repair Projects

If you’re looking for easy ways to make your home feel bigger, brighter, and more modern, start with simple upgrades and repair projects. For example, Tool Review Lab recommends simple projects like repainting your kitchen cabinets or converting a bedroom into a functional home office space. If you’re considering selling your home, give your walls and exterior a fresh coat of paint and making easy kitchen upgrades, like fixing broken drawers and repairing damaged countertop laminate. 

Bedroom and Bathroom Makeovers

Taking care of your mental health is more important than ever right now, so consider dedicating some home projects to self-care. For example, upgrading your bedroom may help you sleep better and enjoy more energy during the day. If you have the budget for it, House Beautiful recommends investing in a supportive mattress and high-quality bedding. It’s also important that your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet, so hang some blackout curtains, purchase a cooling fan, and keep electronics out.

After making your bedroom more relaxing, why not do the same with your bathroom? Transforming a bathroom into a personal spa is easier than you might think! The Spruce suggests incorporating gold details—like faucets, light fixtures, and drawer pulls—to give your bathroom a luxury feel. If your counters are overcrowded, hang some floating shelves to hold organizational baskets and towels. Simple bathroom décor like candles and humidity-loving plants will also do a lot to rejuvenate your space.

Reorganizing and Redecorating

The same bedroom and bathroom redecorating projects can be applied to the rest of your home! If you’re living in clutter, start by getting rid of any belongings you no longer need and developing better storage solutions for the stuff you decide to keep. The right organizational system should make it as easy as possible for you to put things away when you’re done with them. This means dedicating a specific place in your home for each item you own, so you know exactly where everything goes. Use drawer organizers, baskets, bins, and vertical shelving to get clutter off of tables, counters, and other surfaces in your home.

When your home feels clean and clear, consider making a few decorative changes. You could rearrange your furniture, hang new artwork, lay down an accent rug, reorganize your bookshelf—your options are limitless! Search online for inspirational ideas and start playing around with different room layouts and themes until you really love every room in your home.

Cover the Costs

Depending on how many changes and updates you intend to make, the costs could start to pile up. Many people have chosen to put their stimulus checks toward home improvements, but for those still waiting or need additional funds, you might need to consider other options to fund your projects. If savings isn’t available, you could try a personal loan. Alternatively, you could also tap into your home’s equity through a cash-out refinance. If you’re not familiar with the process, a helpful guide for refinancing is a great resource to lay out all the steps involved so you know what you’re getting into. 

Since you’re spending more time at home, you might as well be productive! Start thinking about all the exciting projects you can take on around your home. Tackling DIY repairs and improving your home is a great way to ride out the pandemic.

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