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Seven Steps to a Stress Free Move in Reston

Are you getting ready to move into a new home in Reston?  No matter how welcome your upcoming move may be there is no denying the fact that moving is stressful. It’s actually one of life’s most stressful experiences, along with death of a loved one, job loss, and divorce.

It’s not surprising when you consider all the moving parts involved in moving.  From packing and scheduling to the expense of moving and the overall disruption to your life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. To gain some control and keep the stress of a move from spiraling out of control, here are some tips and tricks for a smoother transition to your new home.

Step 1: Use a Moving Checklist

Keep track of all your moving “to-do’s” with a moving checklist. Create your own checklist or use premade ones available online like these checklists from Bed Bath & Beyond,  the moving company You Move Me,  Real Simple magazine, and the website

Step 2: Hire a Moving Company

When you have confirmed your moving date, it’s time to get quotes from moving companies and schedule your move. Get referrals from friends or use a service like to generate a list of potential movers in and around Reston.

Step 3: Purge

Get your current home organized to make packing and moving more efficient. Go through all your possessions from clothing and books to knick-knacks, and sentimental items.  Sell, donate or throw away things you no longer want or need. Purging before you move will save you the cost of moving unnecessary items. Your new home benefits from a fresh, organized start!

Step 4: Gather Packing Materials

Get all the materials you need to begin packing. Collect or purchase moving boxes and storage containers, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies at stores in Reston including The UPS Store (11654 Plaza America Dr.), The Home Depot (1651 Reston Pkwy), and The Container Store (1851 Fountain Dr.).

Step 5: Pack

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Start early and pack anything you do not use on a daily basis. The more you prepack, the more streamlined your overall packing and moving experience will be.

Though it may seem tedious, number the boxes as you pack and create a list or spreadsheet of what is inside each box. You don’t need to list every item, but having a general description of the contents of each box will help you easily locate items later.

Step 6: Separate and Secure Essentials and Valuables

Use a small box, file, or envelope to stash your checkbook, bills, and any other important papers you might need to access on moving day and within the first week of living in your new residence.

In addition, pack a suitcase of first night supplies such as toiletries, phone chargers, sheets, pajamas, toilet paper, and bottles of water. After a long day of moving and unpacking, you’ll be thankful when you can locate these items easily.

Step 7: Prearrange Utilities and Change Your Address

Prearrange the start and end dates for your electricity, gas, and water. You can also set up security services, pest control, and cable TV before moving day, insuring that everything is up and running when you move in. Check out these links for starting service with Dominion Energy, Washington Gas, and Fairfax Water. For cable, choose from Verizon FIOS, Direct TV, and Xfinity, as well as providers like Dish TV and Cox. Visit the United States Postal Service website to change your address with a scheduled start date.

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