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Reston Pool Info

I just moved to Reston! How do I get into the pools for the 2018 season?

If you are a part of the Reston Association, the Homeowners Association for the area, you can get into the pools by buying your pool passes. Pool Passes are not included in the yearly association dues. Passes are $30/season for an adult, and $12/child. You can also purchase an Adult Guest season pass for $40. You have to register at this website, which is a different login from; it takes up to (2) business days to process a new account. You have email them pictures to put on the ID of each member, and it takes up to (7) days to ship or to pick them up.  Next year you can just renew the passes online!

Here is the pool schedule for 2018. Below is the map of the pool locations. Reston Association does not have an interactive map on their website, making it difficult for people moving into the Reston area to find the closest pool!

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