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Intro to Buying Foreclosures


Before we start, let us first discuss, what is a foreclosure. Foreclosure occurs when a mortgage lender sells the property to pay off a defaulted mortgage loan. Foreclosed properties are much cheaper than the standard listed properties because the lender ultimately wants to dispose of the property to recoup as much of the loan as possible, rather quickly. The price may be lower than the actual market value, however all other factors must be considered before the purchase. Price is just one of the many important factors every buyer should take into consideration upon buying any real estate property.

To guide you in your purchase, we’ve run down some significant points for a successful real estate venture.

Foreclosed Property Listings

You can discover some foreclosure listings through real estate websites or using a realtor to search the MLS. Usually, the properties in the MLS are the most up-to-date lists of foreclosed property deals currently on the real estate market. Some property listings could also be found through social media or newspaper ads.

Experienced Real Estate Agent.

Foreclosure is a complicated process. You need someone who has a proven track record in foreclosure sales to help you. This professional will assist you especially with some decision-making and of course, the tedious paper work and negotiation.

Property Inspection.

In buying a foreclosed property, you must carefully inspect every corner of the home. Consequently, most foreclosed properties are cheaper because of the defects and damages attached to the purchase and are sold “as is.”

Bottom Line

Foreclosed properties may give you a big amount of profit but it also may give you a great deal of costs. Learn to weigh all factors before you make your final decision.

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