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Moving Checklist

A Moving Checklist for An Organized Move

Planning a move is almost like planning a wedding these days. Organization, execution, and one heck of a running to-do list will make your big day a magical one! A day with little drama, lots of happy tears, and a future of happily ever after in your new digs is what you and your moving team should be aiming towards. But happily ever after doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any happy bride, a happy mover needs to be organized and have a moving checklist in place to make it all run smoothly… because no one likes the moving equivalent to bride-zilla. Yikes!

So picture today’s post as the digital “event planner” for your upcoming move. We’ve got a moving checklist for ya, and we’re here to whip your rear into shape and make sure we do everything we can to keep your move organized… one to do list reminder at a time. Check. Check. Double CHECK!


Sorting, filing, tossing, purging, donating, labeling, booking a truck, & hiring help.

As your moving day event planners, we can’t get started soon enough. Although two months may seem like an eternity for some of you procrastinators tuning in… your move will be here before you know it. Before we start physically packing, we need to sort, file, toss, purge, donate, label, and hire.

  • Sort your closets, drawers, cabinets, or areas that may need attention before you start packing.

  • Analyze what items are necessary and what items you can part with pre-move

  • Start to throw away or donate items that will not be making the move (or sell them at a garage sale!)

  • Reserve transportation (either a moving truck or a portable container)

  • Book loading & unloading help.

  • Take pictures of your home so you remember what goes where and you can remember the great memories in this space.



Confirming, arranging, notifying, copying, & planning the next steps.

It’s your lucky day… we aren’t packing just yet. Instead, you have a lot of behind the scenes work and documentation to obtain and file before your place is really up for grabs. Let’s get the logistics organized and the paperwork accounted for before we get our hands dirty.

Notify your current local services that you will be moving in order to obtain important files before you go:


Purchasing boxes/moving must-haves, contacting new services, mentally preparing, & starting to slightly pack … in your free time.

It’s almost full-on packing time, but you’ll need to get your moving boxes and moving supplies before we can be knee deep in cardboard.  Once you have your boxes, you can get to work on starting to pack items that you will not be using in the next month. You can also start contacting your current and new utility companies, cable companies, local doctors, etc. to set up a stop date at this location and new start-up date for the next place. By getting this all out of the way now, you will be sure to have utilities, cable and the necessities in your new home as soon as you can!

  • Purchase boxes, tape, and necessary moving supplies (here’s a moving box price comparison to help you get the most bang for your buck)

  • Start packing in your free time

  • Contact current service companies to CANCEL & identify an end date for these services:

    • Cable/Internet

    • Gas

    • Electric

    • Garbage Services

    • Newspapers/Magazines

  • Contact new service companies to set up services for the new home. This will ensure these items will be ready right away:

    • Cable/Internet

    • Gas

    • Electric

    • Garbage Service

    • Newspaper

Now it’s time to unpack, get organized and cozy into your home sweet home. Cheers to YOU!

Unpack & get organized
Refer to your old photos for extra assistance
Confirm your new address with your employer, bank, creditors, DMV, etc.
Enjoy your new home sweet home!
Meet your new neighbors to make sure you’re an A+ neighbor from the start.

  • School districts

  • Doctors

  • Banks

  • Pharmacy

Arrange any additional help for the big move – childcare, pet care, general man power, etc.
Create a specific game plan for the next 6 weeks that you feel comfortable and confident in


Packing, changing your address, getting your finances in order, cleaning, creating a moving day survival kit, taking a deep breath.

It’s down to the wire but don’t get too stressed. You’ve been tackling this move one step at a time and you are in good shape. All that’s left to do is finish packing, change your address, and wait for the first 24 hours in your new house. 

  • Label your boxes so your entire moving team knows where to put what 

  • Set up an appointment with a local Locksmith to change locks on your new place

  • Get your payment ready for your movers. 

  • Forward mail to your new address


Rejoicing, staying clam, cleaning, being a confident leader by making sure your helpers know exactly how they can help make YOUR day easier.

Yay for new beginnings! How can your movers and helpers help you make your life easier? It’s your job to answer that question… over and over and over again. Don’t be afraid to be vocal & let everyone know how they can help or where they should put this flood of boxes and furniture. The more detail the better.

  • Do a final walk through to make sure nothing was left behind

  • Be a confident leader to help guide your moving team

  • Inform your HireAHelpers about any special instructions, any comments, concerns, or general information they may need for the day

  • Enjoy watching the movers do the heavy lifting instead of you 😉

  • Pay your movers 


Cracking a cold one, confirming address changes, unpacking, getting cozy, meeting your new neighbors, feeling proud!

Congratulations… you did it! Was it all you had hoped for and more? We sure hope so! Hopefully with the planning and step-by-step guide leading up to the big day, you were able to conquer your move with ease and excitement. Don’t forget to update your new address with your employer, bank, DMV (driver’s license), doctors, creditors, and anyone else you think should know.

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