The Metro D.C. area has made navigating through the city easy with a wide array choices listed below.  Whether you are a daily commuter or looking for an easy option for a weekend getaway, we have you covered.

Metro Rail and Bus System     

The Metro System is the most elaborate means of commuting throughout Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland.  From the Metrobus to the Metrorail system and the VRE, this means of transportation can ensure you get reach almost any destination.

Northern Virginia commuter resources      

Not sure where to start in determine the best commuting option?  Northern Virginia commuter resources is packed with an abundance of information from the areas best transportation options to the latest in road construction. 

Park and Ride commuter lots:

Check the location of the nearest commuter lot.

Slug Lines in D.C.   

Slugging is one of the most convenient forms of commuting in the D.C. area, despite its rather odd name.  Slugging is a car-pooling design, where vehicle owners transport passengers between specified locations for pick up and drop off.  It is a volunteer, free service and the benefit is the driver can then use the HOV lanes.

Other Commuting Options in Northern Virginia and D.C. Metro