Arbor Glen Cluster was built by Miller & Smith between 1986 and 1988.   Our small community of 44 townhouses is nestled in a wooded area convenient to the North Point Village Center, two pools, soccer fields, Armstrong Elementary, bus transportation (to the Wiehle Metro, Reston Town Center, etc), a network of paved trails, and more. 

Access to the community is via a one-way loop, Arbor Glen Way, along which the townhouses are arranged into 8 groups.  The addresses consist of odd numbers 11701 to 11775 and even numbers 11752 to 11762 located in the center of the loop.  The townhouses are arranged in 8 groups of four to six townhouses arranged in a “Z” style (staggered) row.  Although this  style offers residents a lot more privacy, the property boundaries are a bit confusing.  The exterior walls of one townhouse (in front -- the garage wall and in back -- part of the side wall) borders the neighboring property's front yard and backyard.  These areas are referred to as "party walls" and require everyone to be mindful of their neighbor's property.

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