The Birchfield Woods Cluster is a group of 108 townhouses located in the North Point area of Reston.  Birchfield Woods was developed in 1985-1986 on an approximately twelve acre parcel of land next to Lake Newport Drive across from Armstrong Elementary School.  The townhouses were built on the other side of the parcel, adjacent to Autumnwood Park.

The townhouses of the Birchfield Woods Cluster are placed in groups with plenty of space between them.  Their placement creates a pleasing, aesthetic flow and maximizes privacy.  The road serving Birchfield Woods is Poplar Grove Drive, which forms a large circle through the Birchfield Woods Cluster.  Parking is built into the street design without disrupting the aesthetic flow.

The townhouses are designed in a Farmhouse architectural style with different exterior features.  Their sizes vary across a wide range with the largest being around 2300 square feet and the smallest being around 950 square feet.  The lot sizes vary in the approximate range of 1000 to 2000 square feet.

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